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Dahleesia Oates Johnson

Olympic High, Class of 2002

I am Dahlessia Oates Johnson, a third grade teacher at Sterling Elementary School and a proud product of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system. In elementary school, I attended Elizabeth Traditional.

Some of my favorite memories were in the Media Center where I learned about camping and was able to make s’mores. I remember learning about “The Gingerbread Man” and being able to make gingerbread houses. The application that went with my learning was one of the things that really engaged me.

I also remember my fifth grade teacher Ms. Orr allowing us to make our presentations on the preamble in any manner we chose to. I remember choosing to do mine through song. These are things as a student that I incorporate into my classroom today.

In middle school, some of my greatest memories was being in the band. I remember the music and laughter that filled the band room. I remember the parents giving us standing ovations during band concerts as they appreciated the things that we learned in our classes.

In high school, I attended Olympic High School where I was greatly influenced by Sgt. Massey and Sgt. Davis. The leadership skills they instilled in me carried me through college, and I’m still using them today.

I remember engaging lessons with Mr. Buca standing on the table screaming “Save the hydrogens! Save the hydrogens!” And Mrs. Cannon developing our leadership skills by allowing us to operate a restaurant called “The Wooden Horse” where we served members of the faculty.

I remember going to the grocery store with Mrs. Cannon on a field trip and picking out the foods that we would use to serve them.

All of these experiences that our teachers gave us helped us become outstanding citizens in today’s society and helped me to become the teacher I am in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system. I am forever grateful for the experiences I had in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

- Dahleesia Oates Johnson