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Lisa Stockton Howell

My name is Lisa Stockton Howell and my story is about my third grade teacher at Dilworth Elementary School in 1966.

Her name was Miss Elliott and during the school year she got married and became Mrs. Smith. I remember how excited we were that she was getting married and that her name would change and that we would have to remember a new name for her. She was kind and patient with all of us and my memory is that she treated every child the same. I’m submitting a photo of our third grade class, which you can see a mix of different kinds of students.

I loved that school year at Dilworth Elementary and it taught me how to get along with all kinds of people who weren't just like me. And that is what I remember most about that school year. And that is what I remember most about Miss Elliott - that she modeled that for us and taught us that we were all valuable.  And I believe that that was the most important lesson that I learned at Dilworth Elementary that third grade year.

- Lisa Stockton Howell