Made In CMS

Maureen O’Boyle

West Charlotte High, Class of 1991

It is amazing the difference one person can make during those awkward high school years. Mr. Williams—he was the choral instructor, the choir teacher—he was amazing. I remember how he looked at all of us as individuals. And showed us respect that he expected us to show him. He made it a two-way street. And if we respected Mr. Williams, he respected us.

And it wasn’t just that he liked my voice (I think he probably thought it was average), but he said I had “something special.” And being number eight of ten children, you’re always trying to stand out and be different. So telling me that I had something special that I was going to give the world was exactly what I needed to hear.

What we didn’t know back then is that I was struggling with dyslexia and ADD and the combination made high school and my years in college very difficult for me. But I kept remembering those words that I had “something special to give the world.”

So I thank Mr. Williams for everything that I’ve been able to achieve in my life. I know my parents played a huge role as well and my loving family and my faith, but Mr. Williams, I thank you so much.

- Maureen O’Boyle