Fundraising Priorities & Programs

Invest in Education

Current Fundraising Priorities

The CMS Foundation is the official nonprofit partner for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, raising money to support the district’s highest strategic priorities. Harnessing the power of private investments in education, we seed innovative ideas and help expand programs to accelerate system-wide transformation.


CMS Teaching Residency

Like school districts across the country, CMS is facing a growing need for classroom teachers and a dwindling pipeline of qualified educators. Leading into the 2019-20 school year, the district was faced with 2,000 teaching vacancies—up nearly 500 from the previous year.

CMS Teaching Residency is addressing this urgent need, helping people transition into successful teaching careers and use their skills to make a positive impact in classrooms across Charlotte-Mecklenburg.


Teacher Innovation Grants

Our Teacher Innovation Fund supports the implementation of innovative strategies to address critical student needs and prepare every student to graduate college- and career-ready. Funds raised provide new grant opportunities for educators.

As part of the fund, our Innovation Center seeds and supports school-based ideas to help students realize their full potential and prepare them to lead meaningful, fulfilling lives

Education enriches lives for a brighter tomorrow.

Our Programs

Thank you for partnering with the CMS Foundation to seed innovative ideas and help take our school district's proven programs to scale. Together, we have the power needed to truly transform education, which will ultimately transform our entire community.


COVID-19 Relief Fund

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, as students engaged in remote learning, we launched the CMS COVID-19 Relief Fund to help fill critical technology gaps for students such as home internet access.

Through a combination of private and public support, we exceeded our ambitious goal and raised $3.6 million. More than 2,000 individuals, community organizations, businesses, and public entities have provided the resources needed to fill the estimated connectivity gap in CMS.


Elevating Teachers' Voices

Teacher Talks

Inspired by the world-renowned TED Talks, Teacher Talks is an annual event providing CMS educators with a platform to exchange ideas, share experiences and inspire others through powerful talks delivered in front of a live audience. Funds raised support program expenses. Talks are professionally filmed and shared online to extend their impact beyond the stage. Browse the online archives now!