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Back on Track

Kelsey Anselmi

Crestdale Middle School

Teaching in a school that didn't have textbooks forced Kelsey Anselmi to learn new teaching strategies, and a product suggestion on Amazon changed the way she saw the education system. In this thought-provoking talk, Kelsey challenges school systems to rethink the traditional model of tracking and view every student as a high achiever. She teaches math at Crestdale Middle School in Matthews, NC.

Reinvent Your Routine

Kevin Brawley

Torrence Creek Elementary

After a career in music, Kevin Brawley decided to become a teacher. A few years in, he found himself growing comfortable in his teaching role and was disturbed by the predictability of his routine. A lesson learned from a legendary drummer forever changed the way he approached his work. Kevin now asks, "What if the routine never became routine?" and challenges us to never let good enough be good enough. Kevin teaches music at Torrence Creek Elementary in Huntersville, NC.

Connecting with Nature: Learning in the Outdoor Classroom

Charlotte Fletcher

Park Road Montessori

How often do we walk through nature without appreciating its power and all that it can teach us? In this talk, Charlotte Fletcher discusses the importance of connecting students to nature and explains how educators can use the outdoor classroom. Charlotte is the Experiential Science Curriculum Assistant at Park Road Montessori in Charlotte, NC.

Lessons I've Learned

Danny Jarrett

Retired / Social Studies

Students can be the greatest teachers. During his 18-year teaching career, former high school social studies teacher Danny Jarrett has learned important lessons from his students about the power of building caring relationships. In this gripping talk, Danny shares stories of students who helped him become a better teacher and explains how building relationships in the classroom can be life saving.

We C.A.N. be the Refuge

Alisha Escobar

Druid Hills Academy

For many students new to the U.S., not understanding English can make the journey toward the American dream feel like a nightmare. As a teacher of English language learners, Alisha Escobar understands the challenges facing these students as well as the educators who teach them. In this talk, Alisha reassures teachers that they C.A.N. be a refuge for their students, even when language may be a barrier. Alisha is a spoken word artist and teaches at Druid Hills Academy in Charlotte, NC.

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