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"If anything was learned from this pandemic, it’s that there is a wide gap between families who have access to technology, WiFi, and supplies and those that do not."

Programs Coordinator

Programs Coordinator

McClintock Partners in Education (McPIE)

McClintock Partners in Education (McPIE)


The pandemic shutdown challenged McPIE to find ways to adapt our existing programs to continue supporting McClintock Middle School in the face of social distancing, remote learning, and economic hardship. McPIE Family Night kicked off (virtually) for the 2020-2021 year! While Family Night looked different this year, the engagement and support for McClintock students and families remained the same. Since COVID closed schools in March 2020, we have been providing weekly STEAM Challenge Packs for students and grocery bags to help support families.

If anything was learned from this pandemic, it’s that there is a wide gap between families who have access to technology, wifi, and supplies and those that do not. In an effort to bridge this gap, Christ Lutheran Church became a free, remote learning site for several McClintock families who either had no internet connectivity at home or for parents and teachers who had to work and could not provide a safe learning space for their children. Everyday, 10-15 students came to CLC ready to learn, in a safe space. Lunch and snacks were provided.

Supporting students and families is the big piece of our mission. However, McPIE is also dedicated to supporting the teachers, staff, and administrators of McClintock. Volunteers were paired with a teacher as “Teacher Partners” to offer support, say prayers, and brighten their stressful days with sweet notes and small gifts. Throughout the past year, McPIE has continued to support our mission by addressing the largest gaps created by the pandemic. Despite the barriers created by the COVID-19 pandemic, we strive to continue building relationships, supporting our families, and growing in our care of one another! As restrictions ease, we look forward to renewing our commitment to McClintock in person!

- Angela Davis


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