Advice from a Senior

"My little brother is a freshman this year and my prayer is that he’s able to experience real high school."

12th grade

12th grade student

Hopewell High School

Hopewell High School


I have done the all-virtual academy as well as the in-person school. I can say that both are extremely different but have their own separate pros and cons. I think with all-virtual, the most important thing is time management. You don’t really have a teacher telling you when to do this and when to do that so it’s on you to have that responsibility. With in-person, you have to remain within those guidelines and the new rules with everything that’s going on.

Something I didn’t miss AT ALL was waking up to catch the bus at 6:15 in the morning! Being able to wake up and get into my own comfortable space at home and log into Zoom for class has been nothing short of convenient for me. I don’t miss much about school pre-COVID days since I was already not a big fan of school itself. However, I do miss part of that social aspect— just being able to dap my friends up between classes and hang out at lunch time.

My little brother is a freshman this year and my prayer is that he’s able to experience real high school. High school could be the fastest but also potentially the most fun four years of your life. I really want him to make some memories that he could carry with him for the rest of his life.

My high school years are coming to an end as I am graduating this June of 2021, and for me personally it is an extremely bittersweet moment. However, something I would like to share with all the middle schoolers and underclassmen coming up is that high school is really just what you make it. You control the narrative. COVID or no COVID, try your best to make these years worthwhile because they really do come and go. You’ll thank me for this advice later.

Peace and love.

- Cameron


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