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"Some of my best opportunities were to be able to bond more with my family."

7th grade

7th grade student

Randolph IB Middle School

Randolph IB Middle School


It has been a wild ride. At the early days, when we weren't actually learning anything, it was all very easy. When this year started in Full Remote Academy (FRA), it was a big struggle to keep up with all of my schoolwork. Some of my best opportunities were to be able to bond more with my family. We have all grown very close over this past year. Another opportunity was getting close with my class. For all of my core classes, the students stay the same because I am an FRA student. All of us have grown very close. Just after spring break, two students from the class went back to school. Even though they have different classes, our teacher was able to convince their Social Emotional Learning (SEL) teacher to let those two kids sit in her classroom and have SEL with us.

I definitely miss being able to count on my friends the most. When I was in school, I had a big group of friends that I could rely on. In the past year, more and more of my friendships have been fading. What I miss the least is my commute. I live in south Charlotte so it took a full hour to get to school. After school, it would be another hour before I got home.

I have learned many new things about myself. I've learned that I will keep persevering through the toughest times, even when it might be very difficult. I've also learned that if I put my mind to being productive and getting my work done correctly, I will be even more satisfied when I get a good grade on something.

I would like to say that I am enjoying Remote Academy very much! Although there are some aspects that I wish I could change, there are a lot that I wouldn't. I do very much hope that next year we will have a choice whether or not to return to school. If we do, I will give it a lot of thought and consideration. I would also like to say that this year, the district and state have been constantly changing everything. I know they are doing it for the greater good but it has been hard to keep adjusting to various new schedules.

- Deesha


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