Made In CMS

Ana Crambes Sistare

East Mecklenburg High, Class of 1981

That’s me, Ana Crambes Sistare, in the second grade at Windsor Park Elementary and cheering for the Eagles of East Mecklenburg High School in the early 1980s. I was proud to represent my school and was fortunate to have the legendary LeRoy “Pop” Miller as my principal as well as many stellar teachers.

I majored in Education at UNC and taught in CMS myself until I married and started a family. When it was time to decide whether my children would pursue a private or public education, I had no reservations and enrolled them in CMS where they have achieved much success both academically and athletically at Providence High School.

Here’s where the story gets interesting: when I was at East, Mr. Eric Yarborough taught in the Math Department and was considered one of the most empathetic teachers at the school. Imagine my shock to learn that he was still teaching at Providence High School when my children enrolled there over 30 years later.

His commitment to his students is unsurpassed and he continues to tutor after his retirement several years ago. With Mr. Yarborough’s expertise in calculus and endless encouragement, my children have excelled in math and more importantly have a mentor whom they respect.

To me, this is the goal of the public school: to not only educate but build intergenerational bonds within the Greater Charlotte Community.

- Ana Crambes Sistare