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Kit Rea

Myers Park High, Class of 1976

Hi, this is Kit Rea the principal at Vance High School. All of the experiences that we go through each day impact who we are and what we believe. When I was working on my masters degree, one of the assignments involved a project that required us to reflect on specific situations that impacted our lives and helped us form our educational philosophies. I would like to share with you one of my writings from this assignment. It’s called “I am”. 

“I am a student who sits in your class, polite and quiet and always behaved. I should fit in and enjoy this time, but I don’t and I’m not sure why.

I am the student who becomes full of life outside when I can run, jump and climb. A tomboy at heart, I guess in those days, who could beat the boys at most games we played. 

I am the student who struggled in class having trouble with all the reading we had, trying to turn pages as fast as others did but comprehending little and understanding less.

I am the student so filled with fear when it came to oral reports so did the tears. If playing sick did not work and mom sent me on, I would just say ‘I haven’t got the assignment done.’

I am the student diagnosed LD, ‘dyslexia,’  they said, when I was thirteen. Two summers were spent in school to improve and hours of tutoring helped get me through.

I am the student who began to improve with grades rising slightly over the years. But with little confidence and a low self-esteem, the struggle continued and the future, unclear.

I am the student Lib Rotan found. She was my teacher, my savior, one of a kind. She searched my soul and found the key to unlock who I had the potential to be.

I am the student who blossomed at last because a teacher took the time to nurture and care. The relationship formed continued for years because Lib Rotan gave me the confidence to overcome my fears. 

I am the student who has now become teacher, coach, administrator all in one. I hope I can reach the students that I meet giving them parts of what Lib Rotan gave me.

I am your student. Please look at me. Find out who I am and who I want to be. Help lead me and guide me, pick me up when I fall, for I have a future that is exciting and full.”

Lib Rotan was my teacher and coach at Myers Park High School. Lib had such a positive impact on my life that she will always be in my heart.The foundations that she gave me and her beliefs centered me. And are the things I keep in the forefront when dealing with students and teachers. I will always be grateful to Lib Rotan.

- Kit Rea