Clock In

"Every time I step on the field, I just try to go hard because you never know when something can end."

10th grade

10th grade student

Student Athlete, State Championship Team

Student Athlete
State Championship Team

Julius L. Chambers High School

Julius L. Chambers High School


Being a student athlete has's been...challenging. We had such a long offseason. So we had to clock back in. But we had to stay focused though, because, you know, you're a student athlete, you’ve got school first and there were other distractions in the world.

When it first started, we couldn't go to the gym and me and my dad were talking about getting some weights. So we went to go get weights and we were lifting and stuff, and I got some other teammates over and we were lifting and going to the field every day until the season started. So we were just working out every day, getting better until the season finally came.

I feel like this season was harder because of COVID. It was more challenging. It felt like the season lasted forever this year. It was a long season.

I wish people knew all the adversity we went through, I wish they knew about how our practices went and how our players were getting hurt and stuff like that. There’s a lot of stuff people don't know that goes on behind the scenes of football. Because it's, it's a lot.

I think I changed a lot. I think my work ethic grew way more. Because when COVID hit, I didn’t know the next time I could play football again. So I cherish every moment of it. Every time I step on the field, I just try to go hard because you never know when something can end. Something like this can happen and your whole season can go away. I feel like I matured a lot, and stepped up as a leader too.

- Jordan


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